Boosting Event Sales: A Comprehensive Guide to Shopify's QR Code Features

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Jonathan Palley Aug 3, 2023
Are you an event organizer struggling to find an easy and cost-effective way to sell event tickets or admission passes?  
Shopify's QR Code Generator Hub app has got you covered.  
Say goodbye to long ticket queues and hello to efficient event entry. 
In this blog, we'll show you how to utilize QR codes to boost your event sales and enhance the ticketing experience for your attendees. 

Why QR Codes? 

Still not sure how QR codes can help your Shopify store’s event sales? Here’s why. 
QR codes have become a necessity in modern ticketing systems due to their convenience and versatility.  
Gone are the days of needing paper tickets to attend events.   

Utilizing dynamic QR codes offers a seamless solution for event organizers and attendees alike. 
The best thing about this technology is that they are cheap and easy to use.  

Getting Started with Shopify's QR Code Generator Hub 

Ready to start your QR code journey? 
In this section, we will be guiding you in the process of generating QR codes
Now don’t get too worked up about not having experience. Creating a dynamic QR code is simple and you can do it by following these 5 easy steps.  
Step 1: To get started, head over to your Shopify store admin and navigate to the "Apps" section. Look for the "QR Code Generator Hub" app by using the search bar. 

Once you find it, simply click on the app to be directed to the Shopify app store. From there, just hit the "Add app" button to kick off the installation process.