How do I add text to my Shopify dynamic QR code?

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Jonathan Palley Dec 15, 2023
One of the most enticing features of the QR Code Generator Hub Shopify app is its ability to add text to your dynamic QR codes. Having a dynamic QR code with text will not only help to guide customers to a specific product page but also bear a compelling call-to-action that can potentially boost your conversion rate and sales. Simply put, it is a perfect way to encourage more potential customers to scan and engage with your brand.  

With this app, you can easily embed such text within your dynQR codes, creating an interactive experience that resonates with your audience. Just enter the desired text in the designated field and your QR code is now equipped with a powerful message to entice your customers. 

Step-by-Step Guide: Adding Text in QR Codes with QR Code Generator Hub 

Step 1: Open your Shopify admin and navigate to the Apps section. Look for the "QR Code Hub" app in the left section of your screen. Click on "Create New" and choose the destination of the QR code to access the customization dashboard. 

If you do not have the app integrated into your Shopify store, you can click this link or watch this video. 

Step 2: Click the “Create New” button and choose the destination of the dynamic QR code you want to create. For this scenario, let's choose the “Home Page” option as an example.  

Step 3: Once you are in the dashboard, scroll down until you see “Customize Your Design”. There is a range of options that you can use to improve your dynamic QR codes' aesthetic. Just click “Text” to input short and proceed with adding clear and concise text to your QR code using the provided text box.