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Jonathan Palley May 29, 2023
With the increasing demand for innovative customer engagement, QR codes became a popular solution for businesses due to their flexibility and ease of use. 

Raffles, on the other hand, have been a well-known marketing technique used by businesses to attract audiences with enticing rewards. But have you ever wondered about combining the power of QR codes and raffles to unlock more benefits?  

Employing QR codes on raffles is a revolutionary way to increase the effectiveness and success of your campaigns. 

The Benefits of Using QR Codes on Raffles

There are many benefits that come with the proper integration of QR codes into your business’s marketing campaign. In this section, let’s take a look at the benefits of QR codes to further amplify your campaigns. 
  1. Accessibility and convenience: Seamless and user-friendly experiences are valued by any business customer. By integrating QR codes into your raffle system, you enable customers to easily use their phone to instantly enter the raffle and enjoy its perks. Doing this results in hassle-free and broader customer participation.
  2. Enhanced use experience: Most smartphones today are equipped with QR scanning applications. Leveraging this helps you to promote interactivity and excitement into raffles which enriches the customer experience. QR codes can also serve as a getaway to a world of possibilities in allowing customers to access additional multimedia content to promote your promotions. 
  3. Cheaper marketing costs: Implementing marketing campaigns usually requires a huge budget for business, especially on raffles. However, with the help of dynamic QR codes, businesses are able to cut down a few of their expenses. For instance, integrating QR codes with exclusive offers and bonus entries helps to eliminate excess printing of marketing materials. There are also QR code generator tools that provide free tracking to help you monitor campaign performance. 

How to Create QR Codes for Raffles

After learning the benefits of QR codes on raffles, let’s now dive into the ways on steps of how to properly integrate them. 

Step 1: Choosing a QR Code Generator

Let’s start with the most basic. Select a QR code generator that provides you with high-quality codes and unique features. You can use free tools like QR Code Generator Hub to create customized QR code designs. They also provide unlimited scanning and free tracking features to support your business growth. 

Step 2: Designing Engaging QR Codes

To maximize the efficiency of your QR codes, make sure that it has an appealing design that matches your aesthetics and branding. You should incorporate your brand logos and colors to maintain consistency with your brand identity. 

Step 3: Test the QR Code

One important step before publishing the QR code is for you to run it through some tests. Use multiple devices and scanner apps to ensure its functionality and compatibility. You should also make sure that the QR code leads the user to the proper content when scanned. 

These are the 3 simple steps to create QR codes for your next raffle promotion. To learn more about QR codes, you can check out the free online resource found on our Academy and Youtube channel

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